Nicky casino quotes

Nicky casino quotes microsoft bicycle casino games

And what the fuck are you doin' on TV anyhow? Give me that much at least! Can't fucking get that pity out of people.

Hey, you fat Irish prick! Season 1 Fear the Walking Dead: You know I get calls from back home every fuckin day, they think you went bat shit! It's all over, I'm going to tell you, it's all over, if I don't get that license. Check your internet connection and reload the page If you are using an adblocker disable it by clicking on nicky casino quotes adblock icon in your browser toolbar If the problem persists, consider leaving a message on the adblock user forums. He's got two million in the box, am I right? I'm what counts out here, not your fuckin country clubs or your fuckin TV shows!

Casino Quotes. Nicky Santoro: You put my fuckin' money to sleep. You go get my money or I'll put your fuckin' brain to sleep! The Teamsters Union was who you had to go to in order to borrow money to build a casino. And no one got approved for a loan. Favorite Nicky Santoro Quotes. A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the.

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