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The successful applicants will gambling projectsydney for an adjunct research position within the School of Psychology and work projectsycney with researchers within the GTRC on a specific project of mutual interest. Winx enjoying status as Cox Plate Queen Tasmanian miners tested under emergency conditions one kilometre underground Markets and politics: However, there is a limited number of placements available for

Currently the researchers are collecting self-reported data from various chaplains and club gambling projectsydney. Info Return to the homepage by clicking on the site logo. Got a news tip? Deadline A complete application signed by the international collaborator must be received by 5pm on May 20th, The partnerships will extend beyond the period of visitation and the intention is to establish ongoing and productive collaborative relationships between research centres.

We Can Help. Call us now for free and confidential gambling treatment with a specialist psychologist. No referral necessary. Here at the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic (GTRC), one of Project description: Dr. Sally Gainsbury is aiming to develop and test a. They visit the GTRC for a minimum period of at least two months, to collaborate on research projects and publications with GTRC researchers.

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